If you want to find out more about Club AKA.. just ask our members! The enthusiastic, friendly, supportive community makes training at Club AKA second to none.

We are a club dedicated to our members and the fitness level of our community as a whole. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

We believe out clients have a right to a space where they are treated fairly and with dignity, respect and honesty.

Join us!

If you want results, join this gym! Kevin prepares each workout daily, so it's never monotonous and it can be as challenging as you want. Great workouts, great price and great people!!



I would give Kevin and Club AKA 10 stars out of 5 if I could - this is not just another gym. 3 times a week for only four months, and at 47 I’m already stronger and more confident than I was in my twenties. Watching Kevin help others gain strength and change their lives is a constant inspiration. And the support the members give each other is invaluable.

Kevin McIsaac at Club AKA provides an inclusive, friendly, hugely challenging, informative, supportive, inspiring, life-affirming, rewarding, constantly changing community experience. The cost of membership is an exceptional value - the tiny class size allows Kevin to pay strict attention to proper technique.. he is always attentive and responsive to individuals struggling, bumbling - or just being lazy. He pushes us to the limits of strength and endurance - far beyond anything I would ever have thought myself capable of, on my own.

I look forward to each and every workout (and also dread them a little)! I cannot recommend this gym highly enough. If you’re ready for change, Kevin at Club AKA will get you there.

~ Joan


I've belonged to several gyms and have never experienced such a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. I love the support and the vibe of this gym. I love that I went in with a goal and a purpose, and Kevin Mcisaac is helping me get there in a way that works for me, and challenging me to work towards that goal when I don't always feel like I can. Love this place.



My husband and I love this gym. It challenges us in a way we wouldn't challenge ourselves without the leadership of Kevin. He keeps us motivated and passionate with his unique variety of workout designs. Thanks Kevin!

~Chris and Lisa

Club AKA Kettlebells

This gym is the best thing that's ever happened to me. After years of being injured and having many surgeries I have to workout in a place that is full of understanding coaches and members.

I've tried bootcamp gyms, cross fit gyms and 24 hour gyms. I found Club AKA and Kevin by accident 2 years ago when my current coach moved to another area. I've had lots of great coaches in the past, but the combination of this gym, this coach and this community is a perfect fit for me.

Given my work schedule I have to workout either early or late and I've never liked any gym enough to get up earlier in the morning to get there but for Club AKA I get up, get my workout in and get to work refreshed and then I'm happy to get on with my day. I aim to get there 2-3 days a week and every day is different which keeps my motivation high.

The classes are so small (1-6) that Kevin can tell who's tired, who's sore from the last workout and who is raring to go and he tailors his choices accordingly. That said, he won't let you get away with an easy workout, he just knows when to push and when to ease up a bit.

Many people in the gym are *ahem* over 30, many of us injured from other life issues or sports, many of us are a little slow to warm up but we still want to have a great workout and stay in great shape and Kevin is there as a fantastic guide and sounding board as we all learn to make smart choices with our ouchy, aging bodies. The clients are diverse, but welcoming. No one is judging how much weight you lift or how fast you go or what brand your tights are. Some people are quiet and hardworking, some people are laughing and joking through the whole class but we all seem to get along really well and we work hard.

If you're looking for a new type of gym that feels relaxed enough to be like home but has a coach that will help you reach your goals then Club AKA is the place!



I'm addicted to this gym ! When I met Kevin in the Dundas community last fall he explained his gym philosophy to me, I was instantly hooked. My fear of lifting and big gyms kept me doing burpees and sit ups in my living room alone, but Kevin`s safe, supportive and hands on approach has transitioned me into a gym rat lol If you want to get physically and mentally strong while surrounded by a great bunch of people, you need to check out Club AKA !



Club AKA is providing me with better functional movement and that is important to me. It’s all about keeping it moving in a supportive environment.



Really enjoying the supportive small group workouts at this gym. Best gym I’ve ever joined.



Club AKA is awesome! I have joined larger gyms in the past and it never lasted long. I was always uncomfortable and found it hard to get motivated. Kevin and the members @ Club AKA are very friendly and made me feel welcome. I look forward to my workouts and I'm excited to get stronger!



Love this gym! There is a different WOD everyday, always attention paid to proper to technique , friendly atmosphere and small class size.



The community at AKA is so supportive and welcoming!! I have never been part of a gym with such a group of people!! They are "The Bomb!!"



I switched to Club AKA a year ago from one of those gyms where people give sideways looks, hog equipment and get their egos stuck in the doorway. It was so refreshing at Club AKA to belong to a gym where every member supports the other from saying hello when you walk in to "you got this" during a work out.

The small classes mean I have access to owner/personal trainer Kevin McIsaac to learn something new or to receive improvements on a technique I've already learned. Kevin is a phenomenal teacher and an inspiring trainer, he is right there working with you to accomplish your goals and give you that push. Club AKA truly is inclusive fitness! I would not have believed a year ago that I could achieve so much without it's friendly and supportive environment. Its a pleasure to be a part of this gym.



I miss this gym! I moved out of the area and had to leave but I miss this gym very much. Kevin Mcisaac is a great trainer who focusses on good form and creates new and unexpected workouts every time. The gym-goers are a fun and supportive group and you will always feel welcome. If you're looking to join, you won't regret it!